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Pin The Wart On The Witch’s Nose


Thick piece of foam core (craft store) or heavy card board

Floral moss (craft store) or string or yarn (for hair)


Piece of paper 12" x 17" (if you are going to enlarge it at a copy place paper is not needed)

Piece of black fake fur (craft store)

Straight pins or double sided tape

Multi-purpose glue




Copy picture on to a 12" x 17" piece of paper by hand (it doesn't have to be exact, just scary)

Or take this picture to a copy center and have it enlarged

Glue picture on to cardboard or foam core

Glue on hair Hang witch on the wall

Cut small pieces of fake fur to make warts

Make as many as people who are playing

Put a pin through the wart or attach tape (tape may damage picture)